A guest from New Zealand

2016.5.18 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’Connor

Today we had a guest in CCU class. Her name is Valerie, and she's from New Zealand. She's lived in many different countries all over the world due to her husband's work. They are in Japan for 2 months.

In class, she talked to us about the Maori and Pakeha relations in New Zealand. The Maori are the aboriginal people and mostly live on the north island where it's warmer. Pakeha is a Maori word which means 'different', and it refers to white New Zealanders. There have been a lot of problems of discrimination in the past. It was interesting to hear about this because next week we'll talk about Ainu in Japan.
授業で、彼女はニュジーランドのマオリとパケハ人(祖先がマオリ族でない白人)の関係について私たちに話してくれました。マオリ人は、オーストラリア先住民で、ほとんどがより暖かい北の島に住んでいます。パケハという話は「異なる」という意味のマオリ語で、白人のニュジーランド人のことを言います。これまで差別の多くの問題がありました。来週、私たちは日本のアイヌ人について話すつもりなので、これについて聞くのは面白かったです。Translator: R.C 高1