CCU Presentations

2016.9.13 [Language Center Blog] 教職員  担当: Sinéad O’ Connor

 This week in CCU the students had to give presentations. CCU is the Ko3 English discussion class.
First the students needed to choose an indigenous people or ethnic group, and do some research. So far in CCU we have talked about problems of discrimination against minorities.


 Shino talked about Australian Aboriginals. Runa talked about the Kurds, and Kana talked about the Roma people. We learned a little about the history and the basic culture, and then talked about the problems they are facing even now.

 I was very interested in their choices because I didn't know much about any of the groups until this class. I was impressed with the students research and ability to discuss the issue of discrimination on a deeper level. I'm really looking forward to their next presentations.
私はこの授業をするまではずっと民族グループについて何も知らなかったので、生徒達の選択にとても興味を持ちました。深いレベルで差別の核心について議論する能力やディスカッションに向けて調べている生徒達の姿が印象的でした。私は次のプレゼンテーションを心から楽しみにしています。   Translated by S.T 高1